Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paris Hilton

Some of us learned from an early age just how far a little good behaviour can take a person. If one did things that were in accordance with all things right or acted appropriately certain rewards would follow. A few of which might not necessarily include material possessions.

For they could come in the form of respect from one's peers and elders, heightened appreciation and credibility among those concerned or members of the family line. And if one hails from a wealthy family, keeping a check on his/her behaviour when away from the family home might not be such a bad idea.

This comes to mind as Barron Hilton, Paris Hilton's grandfather announced that the bulk of the Hilton fortune would go to various charity organizations. Did Paris Hilton's bout with recklessness cause her not to be the worthy beneficiary of such a fortune?

It might be. For everyone has standards. In some countries in the world, it does not matter how wealthy one is, if you bring shame to your family name be expected to be blacklisted, disinherited or the one people whisper about next time you make a public appearance. It happens.

Some persons among us , no matter how wealthy, or not, do not take it too well when someone else in the family does something to tarnish the family good name. Because to some people, that family name is sacred.

And on a personal note, I do believe that Paris Hilton will prevail without her grandfather's millions, especially given all the endorsements and reality shows she has been a part of,

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